Dr. Troy Walton

Dentist and Owner

Dr. Walton is the lead dentist at Redwood Dental and has been practicing since he graduated from Creighton University School of Dentistry in 2005. He specializes in sleep dentistry and TMD treatment and takes a comprehensive approach to treat his patients’ issues. Dr. Walton takes the time to get to know his patients and explain treatments in detail so they can feel confident in the care they are going to receive. His goal is to make dental care as pain and stress-free as possible. Dr. Walton also aims to make dental care accessible to as many people as possible and offers convenient hours to accommodate his patients’ jobs and other commitments and can treat patients in both English and Spanish. He is incredibly passionate about continuing his education and expanding his skill set. Dr. Walton offers biomimetic oral appliance therapies such as myofunctional therapy and is in the process of becoming tongue-tie-release qualified. He is also passionate about helping other dentists increase their sleep dentistry knowledge and training and is an advocate for Vivos Therapeutics.

When he isn’t working, Dr. Walton loves spending time with his family. He plays soccer, goes mountain biking, and runs cross country with his kids, and enjoys gardening with his wife

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